Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina

The territory, which was previously only a coastline of 4.9 km², and now it is a modern resort and prestigious area near the Persian Gulf. Millions of tourists come here every year with a desire to relax in luxury and enjoy snow-white yachts.

The area is known for a large number of skyscrapers, luxury hotels, perfect golden beaches, clear waters of the bay and a high level of service. And a large marina with expensive yachts openly hints at the viability of the guests of this Dubai location.

Dubai Marina has:

he Dubai Marina area is suitable for those who not only want to get the best out of life, but also combine the rhythm of work with a resort on the shores of the cleanest bay

Monthly rental prices in the area
Dubai Marina


$ 2,500

1 bed:

$ 4,000

2 bed:

$ 6,000