Mina Rashid

Mina rashid

The area on the shores of the historic Dubai Creek with a marina and residential areas on the waterfront. The creators were inspired by the best resorts in France and Italy, but it turned out even better.

It has 7 clusters with mid-rise residential buildings, a promenade and a Venetian shopping area. And Mina Rashid is a major cruise port in the Middle East, so there are many tourists who want to rent accommodation.

Mina Rashid has:

Mina Rashid is ideal for those who not only love the romance of cruise ships and yachts, but also want to enjoy the benefits of a beach holiday while living on the coast of the Persian Gulf.

Monthly rental prices in the area
Mina Rashid

1 bed :

$ 2,000

2 bed:

$ 3,000