Sobha Hartland

Sobha Hartland

An area in which a third of the territory is given over to green park and landscape areas. And many low-rise residential buildings are located on the banks of the purest waters of the canal. This serene picture is complemented by several skyscrapers that remind you that you live in a big city.

A luxurious life can be like this: peaceful, surrounded by nature, unhurried and away from the loud noise of the city. A cozy villa or townhouse in Sobha Hartland will hide you from excessive attention of people and will allow you to replenish your charge from scratch. And the area has everything for a comfortable life, you can leave here only on business. Not far from the center of Dubai, do not spend a lot of time on the road.

Sobha Hartland has:

The area is suitable for those who want to live closer to nature, enjoying solitude or time with loved ones, but not in the wilderness, but in a green oasis with the cleanest man-made lagoon. And all this inside an ultra-modern city.

Monthly rental prices in the area
Sobha Hartland


$ 1,750

1 bed:

$ 2,400

2 bed:

$ 3,100